Guide to Second Hand Cars in Ireland

Guide to Second Hand Cars in Ireland

Buying a used car can save you lots of money compared to a brand new car. With a steady rise of used cars in Ireland, we bring to you a quick guide on how to buy second-hand cars in Ireland. This guide is designed to help you to ask the right questions before buying a used car.

1. What is the main purpose of buying this car? 

We all have different objectives while buying a car: school runs, off-road activities, luxury and aspiration or weekend-long trips. Ask yourself why you need a car and if the car you have chosen fits the purpose.

2. How much will it cost me? 

Budget should be your next question. You need to consider both upfront and ongoing costs. Think about: Upfront costs, Finance repayments, Fuel, Tax, Car Insurance, MOTs, Servicing and another spending.

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3. Is the car healthy?

Needless to say this is an important factor. Before buying a used car check for the car’s mileage, oil, safety features, engine, radio, lights, tyres and overall condition.

4. Last full service? 

It is always too good to know when was the last full service of the vehicle carried out. This can have an effect on your overall costs.

5. Test-drive the vehicle: 

This is something you should be inevitably doing. While test driving, check the following things:

  • Is the driving position at the wheel comfortable?
  • Can I fit the child car seat easily?
  • How does the car behave when doing emergency stop?
  • Does the clutch and brake work smoothly and effectively?
  • Is it easy to open bonnets and doors?
  • Is it powerful enough to pull away from traffic lights and to keep going up hills without requiring endless gear changes?
  • How does the suspension work?

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