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Five technologies that help save fuel

Smart Journey

  • Small Engine

    Always meant cheap, loud and less power. Now drivers can enjoy the new generation. Turbo-charged Ford EcoBoost engines deliver big power and small fuel economy figures.

  • Auto StartStop

    Waiting at traffic lights with the engine running wastes fuel. This technology automatically switches off the engine and restarts it before you move off.

  • Active Grille Shutter

    The adjustable shutter manages airflow to cool the engine – improving aerodynamics and lowering fuel consumption.

  • Smart Regenerative Charging

    Braking can slow your vehicle and power your battery, in the same way that pedalling a bicycle can turn the wheels and power lights.

  • Eco-Mode

    On-the-move virtual coaching rewards smooth gear-changes, acceleration and braking by showing a flower. Bad behaviour makes it wilt.

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